Monday, May 12, 2008

I Need A Boat And A Sail

I signed up for a seminar today, which was being held at a hotel 32 miles from here. No problem (usually), because I know where I'm going and it's not a bad drive. However, today we had high winds and torrential rain, and even with 4-wheel drive, it was a scary drive. It was difficult to see, difficult to stay in one lane, and on local roads, trees were down. Plus parking at the hotel was the pits, and I wound up parking in the back of the lot (I was late), and had to slog across the parking lot to the entry. Slog is about as good as a word as I could think of. And i wondered why I had tortured my hair with a curling iron before I left. Between the wind and the rain, I looked like a drowned rat by the time I blew through the door.

Interesting seminar - legal issues in charting. Some of it very serious, and some of it downright hilarious - various examples of misspellings, whatnot, that left us thinking "did that nurse really write that??" At any rate, I will be examining my charting closely after this.


At 10:18 AM, Blogger Dorothy said...

Ok here's my favorite from the dentist I work for - he's referring to a child's primary tooth that has some minor decay. "Mother pregnant - should fall out before becomes symptomatic." I laughed until I cried on that one.


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