Friday, May 16, 2008


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Raindrops on my Fringe Tree (Chionanthus virginicus) earlier today.

Well, the knitting drought continues, but as you can see from the picture, we certainly are not having any other kind of drought. After the high winds and heavy rains of Monday, the rain at least has made a return engagement today. Heavy rain, but thankfully, no winds. On the other hand I did a lot of planting yesterday, and while the plants are enjoying the rain and cool temps, the seeds I planted are not. I had to stand out there today and poke all my morning glory seeds back in the ground. Not fun.

I don't know what gives with the knitting. I know I have to have this done by a certain time, and that certain time is creeping up on me. What have I been doing? Reading, playing websudoku (got bored with spider solitare), mostly. Outside planting and working on the yard. Yesterday I weeded an entire bucket of weeds. Planted morning glory seeds after picking out a million or so weeds from around the post. Planted mountain pinks around the rocks in the gardens. That sort of thing. Knitting, no. Went to dinner up at Rutgers with my son. It took me slightly more than an hour to make a 25 mile drive. I could have ridden a bike faster, If I could ride a bike that far.

I'm hoping that after I finish this post, I can convince myself to pick up my knitting and get working on it.


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