Saturday, May 17, 2008

Saturday Sky

Saturday Sky
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When I went outside this morning to take my Saturday Sky picture, I looked up at the sky, and thought, "eh, I'll take it later." Well, what is that saying about not doing things when you think of them? The sky was a brilliant blue. No clouds, not even puffy little white ones. Just a huge expanse of beautiful blue. Well. I went outside a few hours later, aimed the camera at the sky and thought "what the hell heck?" That beautiful blue was not to be seen; replaced by a murky gray sky. I guess that means we have more rain in the offing. Gee. Like we need it..

I am embarrassed to say I still have not knit a stitch. However, I am seriously considering doing some crocheting. I seem to have the afghan bug, which is not a great bug to have when you have a load of UFO's cluttering up your craft desk already.

And, in the Things Falling From The Sky Department, my son looked out his window today, and saw a bird skeleton sitting on top of his window a/c. His room is on the second floor of our home, underneath a huge spreading oak tree. All I can think of is that one of our resident hawks was snacking on this unfortunate bird in the tree above the a/c, and the storms this week dislodged the remains. Ick.


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