Thursday, June 19, 2008

Things Change

While I was doing pretty well with blogging every day for the first few months, it became more of a chore rather than something I liked doing. I work 12-hour days that often turn into 14-hour days. Add travel time to that, plus time to sleep so I am patient-safe, oh yeah, and time to eat, too, and it adds up to precious little extra time on work days. It wasn't too bad on weeks when I only work three days, but more often than not, I work four or even five days, and it is a problem. I need to work that much so I can keep a roof over my head, and that takes precedence over blogging. So, I'm still going to blog, but not every day. I want this to be something I enjoy doing, not something I remember I have to do while I'm running out the door.

Not much knitting lately, either. I'm still working on Flower Basket, but I don't think I'll have it done by the wedding. Just as well, because I looked at the skirt I'm going to wear, and guess what, the colors don't exactly match the yarn! My memory must be slipping!


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