Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Um, Isn't this Supposed To Be Spring?

Spring seems to be an odd season anymore. It's been fairly cool and chilly, with below normal temps. Actually, that's ok with me. I don't mind cooler weather, and even with the cooler temps, spring has been beautiful. Things are growing nicely, my flowers look wonderful, and I'm happy with the temps.

That's all about to change. Yesterday was really warm, today is somewhat cooler with rain, but we are about to head into the 90's. No, not the decade, the temps. Ick. I have a hard time dealing with anything above 85. I still have lots of planting to do, and that means I have to do it while it's hot!

Last month, I planted a ton of morning glory seeds around my mailbox. Not one has popped out of the ground, that I've seen. I've been wondering what the heck happened. With a few dozen seeds, you'd think that I would at least see one, don't you? I think I figured out what happened. While standing near my front porch, talking to my son, I noticed some of the leaves in back of the pacysandra wiggling around. Walked back there, lifted the leaves, and found five baby bunnies! That means mom is around somewhere, and I know from past experience, she loves morning glory plants!


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