Sunday, June 08, 2008

Well, My Intentions Were Good...

I did knit last night. Really. I just didn't knit much, that's all. How much? Heh, about half a row. That's about 150 stitches at this point. That's more than a few rows on a sweater. First off, I couldn't remember what row I was on in the pattern. The marker fell off the page, so I had to fiddle around and figure out from the stitches. After a false start or two, I got it right. Then, I fell asleep. Didn't see that one coming. I can't knit lace when my eyes keep closing. I already tried that once, and it was a disaster.

Spent a lot of time cleaning today. I have a fairly large linen closet, and you would think that there would be more than enough room for linens in it, but you would be wrong. With five people, and five beds, that closet gets pretty crowded. Add to that the fact that my sons don't really keep it as neat as they should, and it is a mess. So, I tossed out lots of stuff, organized sheets with matching pillowcases, and sorted them by size. Any bets on how long this lasts? Til the end of the week? I'd be happy.

We must be busy at work. They called three times today to see if I'd work tonight. No. I haven't had enough sleep, and I'm not patient-safe, plus starting this Thursday, I work eight out of the next nine days, and I need a break.


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