Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Growing Buttercup

My Buttercup is moving right along. This picture was taken over the weekend, just after I separated the sleeves. It looks like it fits perfectly. I think it will "bloom" a bit after it's finished and washed, so I'm leaving it as it is right now. I knitted a bit more on it on Monday night, got to where I start the body increases. This is one of the things I love about knitting top down - it's so easy to check fit as I go along. Much less ripping this way.

Jon came home from three weeks in Europe last night. Unfortunately, there was a suicide on the train tracks at one of the stations near us, which threw the entire train schedule into turmoil, as the investigation progressed through the night. One of my other sons was also trying to get home from work, and running into a lot of misinformation. NJ transit seemed to have it's wires crossed on information. Depending on who you talked to, it varied wildly. When I finally picked Jon up at 10:15 last night, there were hundreds of people who had just gotten off trains that were finally allowed to stop at our station. In the end everyone got home safely. My heart goes out to the person who felt this was their only option, and their family.


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