Saturday, July 24, 2010


I broke one of my cardinal rules the other night - "Never Knit While You're Sick", subtitled to add "you will regret it". So, last night I was feeling somewhat better, so decided to get some more work done on it. After all, how much could I screw it up? Just a few more rows of lace, and separate the sleeves from the body, and then an increase row. Since I wasn't feeling well, and I know my track record from f**king up projects when I Knit While Sick, I was very vigilant.

Or, so I thought.

Knit the last few rows of lace very carefully - check, all stitches are there ,and lace looks fine.

Slip sleeve stitches on waste yarn - check, all stitches accounted for; didn't even drop one!

Cast on stitches for sleeve underarms. Whoops, this one threw me a bit. Had to do it twice, and still wasn't happy with it. Doesn't matter, because, read on:

Knit 16, then m1,k2 16 times. To my sleep-and-02-deprived mind, I just read this as "knit 16, m1 16 times". Which is exactly what I did. For both the front and the back. So, when I get to the end of the row, I count stitches. "You should have 118 stitches on both front and back sections".


Why do I only have 97 stitches for the front? Uh, oh. Pick up the instructions, which I reread (should have done THAT before I started!). Crap. Now I have to frog that whole row.

Frogging goes well until I get to the newly-cast-on stitches for the sleeves. Can't tink them without dropping them, so I just drop them, and continue on. Carefully tinking all those stitches takes me the better part of an hour. At this point, I should have just gone to bed, and not gambled on dropping any stitches. Thankfully, all I wasted was time. Didn't drop any stitches I really needed. I'll work on it again tonight, this time reading carefully, and using a different cast on for the armhole stitches.

I really like this sweater. Already I'm perusing Ravelry, looking for yarn ideas to pilfer for my next Buttercup.


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