Thursday, June 30, 2011

Here We Go Again

Digging around in my closet the other day, I came up with a bag of triangles I'd cut for a Flying Geese quilt. I must have cut these 10-15 years ago, or more. Once again, as I pulled them out of the bag I was wondering what I was thinking when I cut these? Was I really that math-or-measurement challenged? I'm a reasonably intelligent person, so how did I wind up with this, and why didn't I notice it then?
The bottom block is more or less the correct size - 3"x6". The top block is more like 7"x4". Unfortunately, I have about 2 dozen blocks "finished", but I will have to pick them all apart, and remeasure. I guess I'll do that tonight while watching "the Big Bang Theory".

I work for the next three days, so there will be no quilting, and most likely no blogging either, but once I get back, I have this nifty little item to help me cut these pieces to the correct size:
I took my 50% coupon off to Joann fabrics today, used it on this. Fons and Porter's stuff rarely, if ever goes on sale, but this I think is a good investment!

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