Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Kitty Cuteness

I'm continuing to work on the Thousand Pyramids quilt, so nothing really new. I'm sure you don't want to see each row as I finish it! Now that I have all the pyramids cut to the same size, it goes together well. It went from being a project I hate, to a project that I love. I was at my LQS yesterday, and bought some new fabrics for it, to replace the ones that I ditched. Heh, my bad - I forgot to take pictures of them. As usual, it took every ounce of self-control to not walk out of that store with another quilt kit - there were quilts hanging on the wall that I loved. One of them was a beautiful batik done in blues. I think it was called rainy day. That's the kind of rainy day I could love. I also tried out a Bernette sewing machine. They have a new line out that runs from about $229 - $499. The lower range are mechanical; the upper two machines, the Bernette 20 and the Bernette 25 are computerized. I liked both of them, and since a Bernina is not in my budget, and probably never will be, one of these seemed like a good replacement. I want to look around a bit though. There's a Viking/Husquvarna dealer near my Joann Fabrics, so I might look at them, too. $500 is a lot of money to plop down, so I want to make sure that I love what I get. Not just like; I want to love it. I don't love the machine I have now. It's a Singer that I got for $149 at Target four or five years ago. It's ok, but it does have some drawbacks to it. I will say that I've been reading reviews about this machine, and many people said theirs stopped working after a few months. Mine has been humming along just fine, but I want a bit more in a machine.

In the meantime, a picture or two of Mica helping me quilt. He's settling in nicely. I think he's happy to have windows to look out of, and space to run and play. My birdfeeders are set up outside my family room windows, so it's cat heaven there. They all enjoy watching.

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