Friday, July 01, 2011

I Lied...

I said I would not post for the next few days. Well, here I am. It's a short post, but a post nonetheless.

I got busy last night with my new toy and trimmed the heck out of those Flying Geese that were all wonky. I wasn't sure when I originally cut them out, but I can see on the back of them that they were traced from templates. And none too accurately, I might add. I trimmed everything up; some were not salvageable for use, so they went back into the scrap pile to be reincarnated as something else. Once I was finished trimming, I decided to sew together a few blocks so I could see how they fit:
Looks 100% better. I could have sewed them all together last night, but I don't have much of a variety yet. I need to look through my stash for more fabrics for this quilt. I'm trying to stick with blacks, grays, gold, orange, dark blue, dark greens and brown for the birds, and beigey fabrics for the sky. I have a lot of stuff from the 70's and beyond that I'd like to use up, so I'll see what fits in this top. Each block is only three pieces, which makes them work up really fast! And, this new tool makes cutting them easier, too. I found some strips that I had traced the triangle template onto, but I flipped it over, and used the tool and my rotary cutter to accurately cut more large and small triangles. I don't think I'll ever go back to pencil, template and scissors to cut quilt pieces again!

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