Sunday, July 10, 2011

Kona Cottons and Photography Assistants

Trying to set up a picture of some Kona Cotton bundles that were recent acquisitions, I used a white piece of fabric as a backdrop, and a couple of boxes to hold it up. Unfortunately, the photography assistant knew one of those boxes was his favorite sleeping box, and objected to the set up!

I recently invested in several of Robert Kaufman's Kona Cotton bundles. These are wonderful! I love the colors, and one of the sellers (I think Simply Solids on Etsy) labels each fabric with the name for easy reference. I love that! It's nice to look through the bundles and decide with color I like best for my project, and have a name to it, instead of trying to match it on my computer monitor.
Left to right: Purple People Eater, Spicy, and Pretty in Pink.
My Blue Heaven, Denim.

Well, there are a few more to post, but apparently, Blogger will not let me upload any more shots. Does anyone else think that Blogger has really gone downhill since Google took it over? Not only that, it's next to impossible to get an answer from anyone at Google when you have a problem. You have to post to one of their help forums, and hope you get a decent answer. I posted there a couple of months ago, and all I got were ridiculous posts, most saying, yeah, I have that problem, too" or "check your cookies". I finally got my techie son to help me fix it.

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