Thursday, July 07, 2011

More Thunder

Well, if it's July in these parts, there must be thunder. And there is. Lots of it, and the biblical, here-comes-the-Ark rainfall that goes along with it. After a frustrating night at work, and not being able to go right home and fall face-first into bed (my son is out of town, and has a diabetic cat. Said cat needed insulin and food; lives 8 miles from my house.), I was ready for some retail therapy when I woke up this afternoon. Jo-Ann fabrics has just remodeled their store, and sent out some nifty coupons that are only good for three days. I was itching to use these things today, and make a pit stop later at my favorite LQS. Grabbed purse, car keys and walked out of the house, only to hear thunder booming away, and watch a downpour begin as I stood on the porch. Grrr. In the last few weeks I've slogged through too many thunderstorms to be interested in heading out into another one. We had the walking across the parking lot into the movie theater storm a few weeks ago, which left both my son and me soaking wet, which was delightful, considering that the theater was chilled to temperatures approximating Antarctica in midwinter, so I spent two hours freezing my butt off. Oh, and then there was the storm that rolled through as I was checking out of ShopRite, which made me wait 15 minutes inside the store, anxiously wondering how long my frozen food would actually stay frozen.

So, the upshot of this is: no retail therapy today.

I worked the entire holiday weekend, so no fireworks for me. However, Mother Nature was thoughtful enough to provide an amazing July 4th sunset:


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