Wednesday, August 17, 2011

More "Record-Breaking..."

This time it was rain. in slightly more than 24 hours we had nearly 6 inches of rain. We were lucky, though, other parts of our state got 11 inches. Can you say "Noah and the Ark?"

Picture taking conditions have been less than ideal. Considering the fact that I have fairly small windows, and a lot of trees surrounding the house, which makes natural daylight a rare commodity around these parts even on the sunniest days, to get several days of dark, rainy days, really throws a wrench into the works. I've been trying to take a shot of my Kate shawl without flash. Heh. I wind up with pictures of a blue fuzzy blob. So, you're going to have to take my word for it that I really have been moving right along on it. I have 287 stitches on the needles so I'm almost at the end of the body. Honest. Scout's honor.

And, I have been quilting, too. I don't know why, but suddenly Sundays seem to be super-productive days for me lately. I got busy with housework, made dinner, watched tv for a while and knitted up a storm while I did, and then went and pieced for a while. I'm getting into a pattern while piecing these blocks, and they are going much quicker. Good thing, too. I still have 17 more to make.

I also made a visit to my new favorite store, Olde City Quilts in Burlington, along with a visit to a new-to-me store, Village Quilter in Mt. Holly, and oh, gosh, a not-so-quick stop at Woolbearers, also in Mt. Holly. Aren't I lucky? Two quilt stores and a wonderful, well-stocked yarn shop all within 7 miles of each other, and only a 20 mile trip from my house. Did I have fun or not?? I got some quilt fabrics at both stores, and some lovely Dream In Color Smooshy in a gorgeous red color. Red is not usually a color I use a lot, but I have a lot of brown, blue, black, green and purple in my wardrobe, so I like to mix things up a bit every now and then. Once again, no pictures yet, hopefully at the end of the week.


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