Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Rain In Spain Stays Mainly On The Terrain...

Ok, bad joke, I know. But, I am now the proud owner of at least fat quarters of all the fabrics in Kate Spain's Terrain line. All except for one - pebbles in Stream, I think. Oh, well. Not a big deal. I also have 4 yards of Fern in Foliage. I'm not sure why I have 4 yards - I'm pretty sure I said two yards at the quilt store. Anyway, not a big deal. I think I mentioned before that I was not impressed with this line when I first saw it on Moda's site. It looked so flat with dull colors. I was amazed at the actual colors when I saw it in person, and am happy I was able to get my hot little hands on some!

Much to everyone's amazement (mine included), I have actually had Some Quilting Going On! Really!! I cut out some more pieces for my Civil War Stars quilt, and worked on several blocks. I now have 19 of the 30 blocks sewn together, pieces for four more cut out, which leaves me only 7 left to do! The hardest part of this quilt is picking out the fabrics, and deciding how I want each block to look. It's also the most fun, and I'm afraid time gets away from me when I'm in the Deciding Fabric Zone. I think it's a close cousin to the Twilight Zone.

I do have some shots of my Terrain Fabric, but no shots of the finished blocks of the Civil War Stars quilt. I blame that on my photography assistant. He was being a fuzzy pain in the a** today, as evdidenced by this shot of him on my Terrain fabric:

Yes. That's my little stinker bicycle-kicking my fabric!


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