Sunday, October 30, 2011

What The Hell??

We had a nor'easter yesterday. Considering where I live, not a terribly unusual weather event, especially for this time of year. What was unusual was that this storm came armed with snow. And serious snow, too. Not the "oh, look, it's snowing" kind of light fluffy flakes, either. It was Mother Nature with PMS and no Motrin to take for it. The Jersey shore got socked with torrential rain; we got snow, then sleet, then rain, then back to sleet, and then, oh goody, ice! What fun! The entire mess finally turned to snow around 6 pm last night, and continued on that way through the rest of the evening. While this could have been a disaster of major proportions (and is such in other parts of the state), we lucked out. Just about 2 inches of snow, and no high winds. I was nervously watching my trees, which are still fully leafed out, bend ominously towards the ground from the weight of all that snow on them. Happily, I did not hear any cracks during the night, and all my trees stayed put, with only the loss of a few minor branches.

The real annoyance came today. I wanted to make a quick trip out to my not-so-local quilt store. It was getting late in the afternoon, and I wanted to take advantage of the last day of a sale there. Ran out of the house to the driveway, only to be greeted by the sight of my truck locked in a frozen cake of sleet, snow, ice and oak leaves. Grrr. It took me 20 minutes to pry all that stuff off my car, and to hang on to the roof rack with one hand while prying ice off the roof with the other, and not break any bones in the process. Finally, the truck is in driveable condition, and I hop in and drive away. Out of the corner of my eye, I see a little yellow light. Uh,oh. Low on gas. Zip over to the local gas station, get gassed up, and finally I'm on my way. Got to the store in time for the sale, and stocked up on Windham Fabrics "Kingdom" line by Jessica Levitt. I'll try to take pictures tomorrow, because it's dark here now, and I want some natural daylight for those shots. What I have in mind for this fabric is this.


At 1:17 PM, Blogger Barbara said...

Oh they look so pretty in the snow!


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