Wednesday, November 02, 2011

I Have Been A Bad, Bad Girl...

Gads, why does everyone have a sale at the same time? Every time I open up my email, there it is - another email with the word "SALE" in the header. How can I resist? Especially when it's followed by the words "quilt fabric". What's a girl to do? Heh. I'll tell you what she does. She gets busy clicking through that email to see what's going on. First stop was at my not-so-LQS, the day after a surprise visit from a pissed-off Mother Nature. The roads were plowed and clear, so off I went. I came home with this:
This is Jessica Levitt's Kingdom line for Windham Fabrics. There is a very pretty quilt made from this fabric line. It's a free pattern, and it's here. I like it; I think it has a lovely art-deco feel to it. The two solids at the left are not from this line; the purple is Quilters Cotton from Joann Fabrics, and the dark gray is "Coal" from Kona Cottons.

So, I've also been trolling the web. I needed one more fabric for the above mentioned quilt. Like a dummy, I bought the wrong color of one of the florals. Oh well, it will just go into my stash. No harm done.

Then I managed to track down some of the beautiful stripe of Paula Barnes "Cotton Club". I love this border stripe. I don't know what I'm going to use it for, but I'll think of some thing. In the meantime, it will hang out in my stash. Good =border stripes are hard to find.

And, just because I want to, some mini cupcakes that I made for Halloween. Dark chocolate cake with a cream icing - half orange, half chocolate. Yum.


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