Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Oh, Snap! Or "Has This Ever Happened To You"?

Aargh. Last night, while in the locker room of my unit, getting into my uniform and getting ready for what promised to be a busy night, I lean down to tie my shoe and hear (and feel!) a big old SNAP! Uh, oh, this can't be good. It wasn't. No, I didn't break a bone, but something worse - I snapped one of the underwires in my bra. Great. Not only did it poke me periodically for the rest of the night, but even worse, it left me looking a bit, um, uneven. My left side was behaving nicely, staying just where I wanted it, but my right side was acting like a free spirit, doing it's own thing. I spent most of the night trying to discreetly hike up my right strap to bring things back into line.

In case you haven't guessed, there's been no quilting or crocheting going on around here lately!


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