Saturday, December 03, 2011

Back to Knitting...

So, I made these gloves last year. I'd never had a pair of fingerless gloves, and wasn't sure how much I'd use them. The short answer to that is a lot! I was amazed at how much I used them - while on the computer in my family room (AKA "Siberia"), while taking pictures outdoors, while driving, even while reading in bed at night! Wow. So, I'm making a few more pairs of them. This one is in ShibuiKnits Midnight and Ivory. I made the hand part a bit longer, which worked well for keeping more finger real estate warm. I can just fold or push the extra fabric back when I don't need it. The tricky part is that there isn't a lot of yardage in the Shibui skeins = just 191 yards. I had been thinking about using some of my Koigu, too, but that's even less yardage, so I'm just going with the Shibui. I just weigh the yarn when I get to the hand so I have an idea how much further I can go. Of course, I could solve the whole problem by making the pair fraternal rather than matching, since you use less of the beginning color, but I'm way too OCD to deal with fraternal rather than matching gloves!

Not getting much quilting done lately because, well, it's December. My son's birthday was yesterday, and I have a million things to do for Christmas. Only some of my decorations are up, and I still have to shop and bake, and oh yeah, go to work too, so I can finance this wing-ding.


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