Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Low tide and a very calm day at the ocean. I think the waves were about three inces high. Got a chance to peek in the tide pools.

A very proud seagull showing off his prize - a good sized starfish. He was not thrilled with the freeloaders who tried to snatch it from him, but really, what did he expect after waving around under everyone else's beak?
Getting out of Dodge - there's a seagull on the right side of this picture tryhing to avoid getting sloshed by this wave.

I know it's Tuesday, but those pictures are my Saturday sky pictures, plus a few of the others I took that day. I'm on vacation from work - not going anywhere, just staying around and doing daytrips. These pictures were taken on the beach at Long Branch, NJ. As you can see it was a perfect fall day. Warm temperatures, blue skies, the ocean warm and like glass, and plenty of cute creatures around. I enjoyed every minute of my day. My sister and I walked along the beach for a while, and then drove up the coast to Sandy Hook. New York City was clearly visible, and I did get pictures, but my 4x zoom doesn't do it justice:

We've been really, really, busy at work, and I've been working long hours, so I haven't had too much time to get a lot of knitting done,but I'm still working on the Chevron scarf, and I'm thinking of starting a Philosopher's wool sweater. I'll keep you posted.